ep76: One Take Vlogs, The Home Museum, with Jip Heijmerink


Episode 076: One Take Vlogs, The Home Museum, with Jip Heijmerink was released on The Back to the Drawing Board podcast on Monday, December 21, 2020.

On this episode I am chatting with Jip Heijmerink, who's back on the podcast, this time to tell me more about Thuismuseum, an initiative that brings the museum to your home. We chat about the future of art institutions, the insights those without an art background can bring to the field, and the differences between online and offline art viewing.

If you are interested in virtual museum tours, cultural vlogs, and guided virtual tours for museums such as Het Nieuwe Instituut, Bonnefanten, Van Abbemuseum, Anne Frank Huis and the Stedelijk Museum then this is the episode for you! All exhibitions can be seen online which is the amazing thing about Thuismuseum and Jip's work. Take a listen!

You might remember that Jip was on the podcast previously on episode 58 to talk about My Daily Shot of Culture. If you want the full history and story of Jip then I highly recommend you listen to that episode too!

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

Thank you to Construction Specialties for sponsoring this episode: https://www.c-sgroup.com/


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