episode 071: Creativity and Mental Health in Students, with Abhirami

Episode 071: Creativity and Mental Health, with Abhirami was released on the Back to the Drawing Board podcast on Monday, October 12, 2020.

How does a creative exploration help bring awareness to mental health in students?

In this episode Abhirami and I chat about White Lines Collective, an initiative she began in order to encourages conversations about mental health in the student community through artistic practices. We chat about why and how creative practices can do that, as well as why mental health is of utmost relevance to students.

If you are interested in the connection between creative arts and mental health, as well as art and wellness, then this is the episode for you! Abhirami shares mental health art projects, the relationship between creativity and wellbeing, and how art and mental health manifests in schools. Take a listen!

If you enjoyed this one and want to hear more on a similar topic then I highly suggest episode 29 with Brad Necyk as he shares his own experience of art and mental health in the hospital setting!

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