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Next to the episodes on the Back to the Drawing Board podcast, there exists The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf is my gift to you. On Instagram, every first of the month, I share with you a book that reminds you how to look, gets you in touch with your creativity. These are not just books for artists, nor people who love art. They are books for people that want to learn to look, whether it's at veggies in the grocery store, or other people's body language. They are books that give you the permission to enjoy the mystery, embrace the curiosity and dive in deep. It is in this mystery that the best ideas come about. With that being said, book twenty on The Bookshelf is..

In the Shadow of the Art Work: Art-Based Learning in Practice by Jeroen Lutters

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I've noticed over the years that the Back to the Drawing Board podcast keeps coming back to the theme of all the different things that art can be. All the different forms it can take and different functions and means it can serve. For example, for some guests art is a means of meditation, such as Carmen Mensink shared in episode 77. For others, it can serve as a means of self analysis and 'therapy' just as Jay Sullivan shared in episode 79. In the Shadow of the Art Work, this month's book on The Bookshelf, looks at art as a source of knowledge. Jeroen Lutters, the author of the book, approaches art as an object that speaks. My question to you is: "Are you listening to what art is saying to you?"

If you are interested in creative thinking and art based learning, or want to read about some art based learning examples then what better way to do so than with the man that developed this method himself! If you are ready to learn how to listen to art and use it to learn and answer your own questions, then click on the link above to join me in reading In the Shadow of the Art Work this month. I'm excited for what I'm about to discover!

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