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Next to the episodes on the Back to the Drawing Board podcast, there exists The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf is my gift to you. On Instagram, every first of the month, I share with you a book that reminds you how to look, gets you in touch with your creativity. These are not just books for artists, nor people who love art. They are books for people that want to learn to look, whether it's at veggies in the grocery store, or other people's body language. They are books that give you the permission to enjoy the mystery, embrace the curiosity and dive in deep. It is in this mystery that the best ideas come about. With that being said, book twenty five (AND THE LAST BOOK) on The Bookshelf is..

The Fact Finder: A Graphic Novel by Alex Bodea


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I had the honor of chatting with Alex Bodea, the author and creator of this graphic novel about her practice and what lead to this novel. The conversation is coming out on Monday, August 2nd so be on the look out! If that conversation still hasn't peaked your interest in this book, let me quickly tell you why I am excited to dive into it this month.

The Fact Finder originated from Alex's 'visual notes' which she consisted of her sketching the surroundings that she was witnessing in the city of Berlin. I am excited to see how she merged these notes into a coherent storyline. Will it require a lot of focus, or flow seamlessly? Only time will tell. Secondly, I'm intrigued about the storyline: a 'visual virus' which makes all things visible blur and disappear. Only one person is immune to this phenomenon, and he begins the quest to visually translate the world that is on the brink of extinction. It's an interesting idea to think about: what would happen if all the things we could say suddenly started to become illegible? I'm looking forward to seeing Alex's take on it.

If you'd like to join me in reading this month, as always, use the link above to purchase your own copy! Then head over to Instagram as I will share throughout the month my progress and my thoughts.

And finally, this is (sadly) the last book on The Bookshelf! Of course, this doesn't mean the end of exploring books that challenge the way we look at the world and creativity. No way! We have only scratched the surface. It just symbolizes the end of the collective container in which these books were considered, for actually 2 years! Yes, The Bookshelf began in August 2019, and now, in August 2021, two year later, it is time to consider our final book together: a fun and creative approach on how we look, observe and interact with our world visually. I hope to see you on Instagram!

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