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Next to the episodes on the Back to the Drawing Board podcast, there exists The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf is my gift to you. On Instagram, every first of the month, I share with you a book that reminds you how to look, gets you in touch with your creativity. These are not just books for artists, nor people who love art. They are books for people that want to learn to look, whether it's at veggies in the grocery store, or other people's body language. They are books that give you the permission to enjoy the mystery, embrace the curiosity and dive in deep. It is in this mystery that the best ideas come about. With that being said, book fifteen on The Bookshelf is..

Vitamin D2: New Perspectives in Drawing by Editors of Phaidon

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This month's book is a bit different from any other book previously on The Bookshelf because this one is a collection of artists, accompanied by images of their art and a little text about each of them. Sort of like a 'coffee-table' book!

I choose this book because I find it awesome if we can all 'look' at art from the comfort of our homes. That art 'looking' becomes associated with discovery and excitement, not seriousness and boredom (often the feelings associated when we visiting a gallery/museum).

I also choose Vitamin D2 this month because I think many people today are way too well acquainted with artists that lived 100 years ago, and have no idea what art looks like today.  This book includes so many artists that are living and working TODAY. This makes their work so much more interesting because you know the 'times' and circumstances that their art is being made in (hello corona times anyone?)

And finally, I choose a 'coffee-table' book for the month of October 2020 because sometimes it's just nice to look at pretty pictures of drawings. It can provide your eyes and brain a break from the constant screens as well as help inspire you for your next creative-thinking adventure. Also, if you don't already know, I'm obsessed with drawing (take a look at episode 54 about drawing as a daily practice) and this book shows some of the best contemporary art draftsmen and women.

Have I convinced you yet of how amazing Vitamin D2 is and why you should join me in reading this month? If so, then use the button above to purchase your own copy! Let's get inspired together!


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