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Next to the episodes on the Back to the Drawing Board podcast, there exists The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf is my gift to you. On Instagram, every first of the month, I share with you a book that reminds you how to look, gets you in touch with your creativity. These are not just books for artists, nor people who love art. They are books for people that want to learn to look, whether it's at veggies in the grocery store, or other people's body language. They are books that give you the permission to enjoy the mystery, embrace the curiosity and dive in deep. It is in this mystery that the best ideas come about. With that being said, book eight on The Bookshelf is..

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, by Sharon Louden

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I remember just how much I enjoyed reading this book the first time I read it! It consists of 40 essays written by artists, that share with you their commitment to creativity, what they do to sustain creative work, their daily routines and what success means to them. It is very inspiring to read, and also gives you fresh ideas about things you can apply into your own life. It's a very practical approach to how artists make art for a living. So if you get tired of intellectual meanderings, or unnecessary fluf, and just want to get to the point, then this is the book for you!

I thought that after such an inspiring book such as book seven on the The Bookshelf that it only made sense to take a look at how others organize their creativity. This book shows you just that! If you've ever wondering how to be creative and organized, then consider joining me in reading Living and Sustaining a Creative Life!


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